English Review Videos – 英语视频

Welcome Bodi Hengda Parents and Students…

Here you will find the links to the English videos. You have the ability to use these to help review spelling words, vocabulary, work on pronunciation, and listening skills.

Spelling Colors Song – 关于颜色的歌曲

英语口语 Oral English – Everyday Greetings 生活英语

英语字母 – Letter Sounds Phonics Video students

英语字母- Alphablocks Letter Review – Pronunciation

Writing your A-B-C’s (写你的A-B-C’s)

英语课本English Book – Unit 2 (二章) & Unit 3 (三章) Animals & Colors

English Video November 23rd – November 27th – 英语视频 11.23 – 11.27

English Video November 2nd – November 6th – 英语视频 11.2 – 11.6

English Video October 19th – October 23rd

English Video Quick as a Cricket Story Review